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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 2007/07/05

In the last days I’ve been using Outlook 2007 because it is the only decent app that syncs perfectly with my PocketPC. In my opinion, it is kind of heavy, I dont like the interface pretty much, and I dont have POP3 sync with the PDA. I also wanted a web-based version to see in the lab computer. Then I decided I would change to Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Reader because they had a web mobile interface that worked pretty fine in PocketIE. Said goodbye to Flock (we spend wonderful time together…) and installed Firefox 2.0 and the basic addons.

First thing I noticed in Google Mail and Reader was that “Google design” I really hate. Solution: Installed Stylish and then some skins to make it usable to me. Then I noticed Greasemonkey also had the same skins, so I changed the plugin, and now I have the theming + some hacks in one pluggin.

Google is the number one big company when coming to Web Apps, but as they did with Google Desktop, GTalk or GMail mobile ( btw JAVA, so it sucks on Windows Mobile), they should get a desktop application where we had Calendar, Reader, Mail, and maybe others, all together and syncing with the mobile versions( and no, I can’t use POP3 with most of clients, because I have a few other accounts in gmail, and it answers always through the default address).

I am working on a web-based application that will have all the things I use in my department (webmail, sftp, calendar, news, etc) all together, and then I will abandon google stuff, that I dont like using much :/

EDIT: I have tried pyRfeed and after a few hacking, it worked. Not very nice now, but I'll keep an eye on it in the future.