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TwitterNotes: Mashup of the Day

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 2007/12/06

Congratulations Sérgio!

TwitterNotes has won the Mashup of the Day award. It was judged by its Uniqueness, Creativity, User Experience, Utility and Content. Haven’t you tried yet?

Now a word about our sponsor. I wouldn’t normally do this, but since our sponsor is not some evil company, but rather a nice music project. You can visit the website, listen and download all the songs! Quite an interesting sponsor, hein?

Oh, and I found about Mashup Challenge a competition that encourages people to develop new web experiences using content APIs already around. Prizes range from Wii to iPod Touch, and 50% off in a Media Temple hosting account for life! Hurry up, since this ends 31 this month!